Interim Management International (IMINT) has a strict admission policies for interim managers and an intensive tracking system to monitor the performance of the interim-manager. Each new interim manager has selection interviews with IMINT-advisors, a referee’s control of recent clients and an extensive “paper” control. After this selection, we are following our interim managers intensive. By doing this, we know our managers, with whom we often have years of cooperation, through and through.

To assure a careful selection of candidates we think highly of a personal intake interview with you as a customer. In this way we get a good impression of your question and your requirements to the interim manager.

Also at the first encounter between you and the candidate we are present. So we get an impression of the interaction between you and our interim-manager. This interaction will determine the successfull completion of the assignment.

After your final choice we register the appointments in an agreement. This contract describes, among other things, the commitment, the intended result and the rate laid down. The interimmanager will start the assignment and draw up within three to four weeks a so called Plan of Action.
This Plan will form the basis for the further monitoring and between reports of the assignment.

The assignment is accompanied by a counselor from IMINT. This counselor will maintain regular contact with the interim-manager, and arrange on a regular basis a meeting with you and the interim manager. The counselor monitors the quality of the performance of the contract and supports you and the interim-manager where necessary. The counselor is involved in the intake, the introduction, the drafting of the Plan of Action and the first escalation level, if appropriate. There are no additional costs connected to this commitment.

The assignment is completed with a extensive transfer document. In addition, we evaluate every command executed by us. This concerns one or more between evaluations and a comprehensive final evaluation. All these process steps are part of our ISO 9001 certified quality and management system.

In addition, IMINT endorses the code of ethics of the Council for Interim Managers (RIM).